Craps: A Casino Game Popular with the Masses

Craps is one of the most favorable dice game played in most casinos all over the world. This game gets it roots from a very old English game called Hazard. It was previously known as the “Crapaud”. Played by more than one player, this game has become one of the famous and hottest ones amongst the gambling people at the casinos.

The rules and techniques are very vast for this Craps game. Players bet or gamble depending on the favorable outcome of a roll or series of rolls of the dice in this game. The players may bet or Wager money either between themselves (which is known as Steel craps) or between them and the casino bank (well known as Casino Craps). There are certain variants in betting in this game depending upon the casino and the table, as different casinos has different tables.

The Rules for the Craps game is vast. However, besides considering these actual ones, there are certain rules that exist as unwritten for this game. The player while playing this game must follow these existing unwritten rules. The players approaching newly to the game should familiarize themselves about these unwritten rules before participating in them.

Some of the rules should be followed while playing, as it is given for security concerns in the casinos, like the dice shouldn’t be handled in both hands etc. The Craps game requires very little equipment. Hence, steel craps are used for playing in informal settings.

Is there a better way to spend your afternoon then gambling away at your favorite casino online?

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